Extreme Vision Technology Pvt Ltd., a full-service IT company, also encompasses an Academic Department focussing on skills development and training in cutting edge technologies. Exams are conducted at their Kolkata and New Delhi facilities. Further details can be seen at


Crown University is pleased to advise students in the Middle East can now study through our partnership institute in Libya, Nour El Marefa. The team of Lecturers, headed by Yousif M Madie, now brings to local students a wealth of experience and knowledge in the fields of Science, Business and the Arts!


Due to the distributed location of students in Egypt, Crown University currently only offers distance learning and e-learning. Occasionally, classroom based lessons are offered, depending on subject popularity and sufficient student numbers.


Conveniently located in Dubai and El Sharja, the UAE campuses further strengthens the presence of Crown University in the middle east. Strong ties with local businesses means that students have a promising future upon graduation.


Realizing the demand by local expatriate students in Japan, Crown University now offers a range of Business and Arts courses in English. At any one time, there are approximately 100,000+ foreigners living in Japan. A vast majority of these foreigners cannot speak Japanese hence welcome the opportunity to enrol in a university course in English.

Agent Enquiries

If you are qualified to lecture in certain disciplines, or alternatively would like to become an agent in your area, then please contact us for further information.

Ensure you have the following prepared documents to support your agency application:

* Outline of established facilities and classrooms.
* Minimum Master's degree in the discipline you wish to lecture on.
* Business Plan Outline.
* Full resume of lecturers to be used.

Not all applications are accepted, and where necessary, campus visits may be made to ensure minimum quality and standards are met.

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