Apostille and Notary Certificate

On October 5th, 1961 the Hague Convention resolved to ensure documents issued by one governmental body be recognised by other governmental bodies. Hague Convention participating countries, through the issue of a notary certificate, legalizes documents for use abroad without further ado. The Hague Convention on apostilles was designed to replace the former legalisation method in order not to burden Ambassadors with this.

What is an Apostille
An apostille is the legalization of a document for international use in countries that have signed the Hague Convention. An apostille is optional and certifies the signature of the Public Notary. An apostille can only certify the signature of the person signing the document.

What is a Notary Certificate
A university degree or transcript issued by Crown University can be notarized via an appointed Public Notary. Notarization confirms authentication of the document. The process to get an apostille and notary certificate typically takes less than 30 days, and can only be done with original degrees and transcripts. Photocopies are not permissible.

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