About Us

Crown University was established with the aim of providing affordable and quality education to all walks of life. Since 1978 we have been providing students with relevant & professionaly recognised education. We at Crown University realize that education is a right for all citizens, regardless of ethnicity, social status or wealth. It is a known fact that the cost of tertiary education continues to rise each year. However, here at Crown University, we keep tuition fees low, whilst at the same time providing internationally recognized qualifications to students. As our motto states, we aim to put "Education within the reach of all "

We have 6 main faculties which we focus on: Arts, Business, Commerce, Law, Science & Theology

It's home to students from various fields and permanent and visiting teaching, research, technical and administrative staff. We offer full-time, part-time and distance learning courses, including Foundation Degrees, online courses and combined degrees, and a variety of postgraduate courses, including diplomas, Masters degrees and doctorates.


Before enrolling, we encourage prospective students to visit our facilities and classrooms. Only through personal experience can a well-informed decision be made. We understand that the choice of University is one of the most important decisions a person makes in their lifetime. Crown University encourages visits, whether your are considering enrolling, gathering information or are just curious. Crown University is open most part of the year, and there is always a faculty member available to answer questions and provide information.
Please contact us to schedule an appointment.

Our Strengths

There's a great buzz about our Faculty. With so many of our courses connecting directly with the world of work we bring together theory and practice in a stimulating and challenging way. All this helps to make our students become tomorrow's thinkers and doers.

Our academic staff work together as a community of scholars. Collaboratively, they deliver an innovative curriculum that is both cross disciplinary and at the cutting edge of practice. All our staff combine best practice and theory to enhance the professional opportunities we offer our diverse student body. As well as their academic backgrounds, our staff have an impressive range of professional expertise and are engaged in practice and consultancy.

Our students are truly diverse and come to Crown University from across the world, as well as from our local areas. Find out more about our students, their achievements and what they say about studying with us. The Faculty is wholly committed to supporting our students' aspirations.


a) Bachelor's degree comprises minimum 18 subjects.
b) Master's degree comprises minimum 12 subjects,
c) Doctor's degree comprises minimum 18 subjects,
d) Minimum GPA 2.80 required in order to successfully graduate,

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